RUPES® Mobile Dust Extraction Systems

Dust is an unavoidable byproduct of the work that you do and there are risks associated with the creation of dust that require special attention, though are sometimes forgotten.

Dust build-up can reduce the effect of abrasive life and have a damaging effect on tool mechanisms, which shorten the life of tools and add unnecessary cost to your business bottom line.

It almost goes without saying that a clean work area is more professional in its appearance, though it’s also safer for you and your staff and this is a critical reason for dust extraction.

Where dust build-up is a common occurrence, the health, safety and well-being of workers is severely compromised. Fine dusts, when breathed in, can lead to serious and lasting health issues such as silicosis, along with other long-term diseases and conditions.

In addition to the damaging social impacts of dust build-up, the loss of productivity from workers and pressures of this on costs of business can be crippling.

RUPES® are the world leaders in design and manufacturing of specialist tools, equipment, accessories and consumables for surface preparation, correction and refinishing. This includes the BigFoot® system of polishers, pads and compounds, electric and pneumatic sanders and polishers, through a range of mobile and centralised dust extraction systems suited to your precise needs.

Which dust extractor is right for me?