The Jewel in the Crown of the RUPES® mobile dust extraction range is the KR2A, turbinepowered unit, which is best when your work has multiple operators plugged in, demands the most efficient running costs and maximum, continual performance.

Suction is via a powerful, 1500-watt turbine motor and this means the KR2A provides substantially lower maintenance costs when compared with non-turbine dust extractors.

There are no brushes, filter bags and brush motors to be replaced (only filters) and the start-up investment can be completely recovered within 1 year (approximately 1,600 hours).

Even though the KR2A is powerful, it’s compact and features an integrated worktable with ribbed rubber surface to protect tools, equipment and materials, and perforated board to support tools and accessories. It can be equipped with overhead swing arms to keep hose and cables hazards away from the floor.

Suitable for both electric and pneumatic tools, the KR2A* also features a rotor jet automatic filter cleaning system, which further extends the life of filters. It can also be used for extracting harmful aluminium dust with the addition of PFX50 ATEX pre-filter.

*The KR2A is also available with ATEX filtration option for use with aluminium

Features & Benefits:
  • Turbine motor (brushless)
  • Low maintenance and long life
  • Long term cost effective
  • Rotor jet auto filter cleaning
  • Integrated workstation and storage boards
  • Overhead support arm included
  • Reusable fleece bag
  • 2 x 8 metre hose capable
  • Connection to 6 metre boom arm capable
Suitable for:

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