The RUPES® S2 series of mobile dust extractors are our most affordable, versatile and popular dust extraction units for the medium to large, auto body, woodworking and stone trades, whose workload demands quality and performance, at a lesser cost and capacity than that of a KS or KR2A.

Each S2 dust extractor is stunningly understated yet ergonomic in design and finish, which is a statement of quality and workmanship that you and your customers will appreciate.
S2 series dust extractors are available in both 30L & 45L capacity with a housing shape that allows maximum bag expansion and suction performance.

You can also option for L-class or M-class, which captures 99.9% of the finest classified dust particles, including the especially harmful, Respirable Crystalline Silica.

All versions feature a powerful 1200-watt motor, the ability to run two pneumatic or a single electronic tool, auto or manual start-up. To ensure maximum suction, the dual, high-capacity, replaceable filters are automatically cleaned alternately every 30 seconds via a system of valves and air flow, which ensures maximum performance with no interruption or reduction in the extraction process.

Need a wet vac? No problem, because the S2 series are also wet & dry vacuums and feature a liquid sensor, so they can also be used to extract and capture liquids and slurry, as well as for a highpowered dry vacuum cleaner. For mobility, the S245 models include a push handle and large castor wheels, two of which are locking, swivel castors for maximum manoeuvrability.

Finally, the housing top of all RUPES® S2 series dust extractors is designed to accommodate a Systainer T-Loc case, which extends your storage capacity

Features & Benefits:

  • Single, 1200-watt motor
  • Motor brush service indicator light
  • Two pneumatic or single electric tool-capable
  • Auto filter cleaning
  • 30 & 45L capacity
  • 2 x 5 metre hose capacity
  • Systainer™ storage case compatible
  • Push handle included (S245 only)
  • L & M class (*M class exclusively through Sydney Tools)
  • Usable as a high-powered vacuum cleaner
  • Also operates as a wet and dry vac
  • Compatible with optional KC28 Workstation
  • Can also be used for extracting harmful aluminium dust with the addition of PFX50 ATEX pre-filter
Suitable for:

S230EM 30L

30 litre, electric tool M-class

S245EM 45L

45 litre, electric tool M-class

S245EL 45L

45 litre, electric tool, L-class

S245EPL 45L

45 litre, electric & pneumatic tool, L-class

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