Clean Air Design with
Niveus Professional Air Purification

Bespoke, Clean Air Design to optimise your workplace’s air quality

Removes 99.9995% of micro-particles, and certified 99.9% effective against SARS-Cov-2

RUPES® have been designing and manufacturing commercial solutions to improve indoor air quality for over 30 years.

From this expertise, dedication to innovation, quality and maximum performance in microparticle management, comes NIVEUS Professional Air Purification and Clean Air Design.

The air in workplaces and indoor spaces are teeming with impurities. Some of these can be easily detected, such as dust on surfaces, and particles carried as fumes and vapours.

However, the most harmful ones are often undetectable to sight, smell, or touch, such as bacteria, allergens, and viruses, and are responsible for lower productivity, higher absenteeism, along with more serious, longer-term effects on the health of your staff, customers, and guests.


Clean Air Design is what we call our process for creating a bespoke solution to suit your business need for air purification.

A NIVEUS expert consultant will gather details of your requirements, taking into account factors such as area (both floor space and total area), current ventilation, and people capacity. Then, we will design and present you with a custom solution, tailored to your needs, using the range of of NIVEUS Professional Air Purifier units.

Each unit is expertly designed, tested, manufactured, and certified to remove 99.9995% of micro-particles, and is 99.9% effective against SARS-Cov-2. Your Clean Air Design solution will recommend which models to use, along with how many, if multiples are required, and where they should be placed for optimal results.

Situations in which a Clean Air Design solution is beneficial include:

  • Office floors
  • Halls and conference rooms
  • Meeting rooms
  • Medical reception and waiting areas
  • Training centres and classrooms
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Gyms
  • Hospitals, hospices and aged-care centres

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RUPES® NIVEUS Professional Air Purification units

Your bespoke Clean Air Design uses our range of RUPES® NIVEUS Professional Air Purifier units. Each one is fully serviceable with filter changes, and is purpose-designed for maximum performance, in professional and commercial environments.

Efficiency is maximised via modelling fluid dynamics, which draws contaminated air in through the top of the unit, outputting purified air from the base. This distinguishing feature and action, means that NIVEUS Professional Air Purifiers can achieve faster cycling per hour (ACH, or Air Changes per Hour).

The advanced, 3-step filtration process, which is part of each Air Purifier in the range, makes NIVEUS 99.9995% effective against micro-particles, and 99.9% effective against SARSCov-2:

  1. Contaminated air first passes through a U15 grade, ULPA (Ultra Low Penetration Air filter) filter. ULPA filters are up to 10 times more efficient than HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air filter) filters
  2. A UV-C (Ultraviolet) steriliser chamber then eliminates ultra-micro-organisms
  3. Finally, an activated carbon filter purifies the air before it is released back into the environment.

*The UV-C chamber can be disabled if required, and to comply with Victorian Air Quality Rebate/Grant conditions.

And, unlike some other brand units, no sanitising or other chemicals are output, which can cause irritation.

Other universal features include:

  • Multi-coloured, selectable LED lighting, for setting the right mood and ergonomics
  • Intuitive control panel with multiple fan-speed setting
  • 6,000-hour filter-change intervals
  • Brushless motor for quiet, powerful, zero-maintenance operation.

RUPES® NIVEUS Professional Air Purification Units

NV100 NV150 NV200 NV300
Electric Supply 220-240V 220-240V 220-240V 220-240V
Power 88W 88W 160W 160W
Flow Rate 300m3/h 500m3/h 700m3/h 1250m3/h
Noise Level 29-45dB[A] 29-43dB[A] 29-47dB[A] 29-51dB[A]
Dimensions 41x41x81 41x41x110 41x41x110 55x55x140
Weight 32kg 43kg 44kg 69kg
Primary Filtering
8m2 8m2 8m2 13m2
Primary Filter
99.9995% 99.9995% 99.9995% 99.9995%
Filter surface
of secondary
activated carbon
1m2 2m2 2m2 3m2
1 x ACH coverage 120m2 180m2 240m2 450m2
ACH (Air Changes per Hour) = The number of times that the total air volume in a space is cycled with purified air in an hour

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